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Welcome to our new service offering Ethical Link Building.

1 - Backlinks Should Be On Topic & Relevant.

2 - They Should Have The Potential To Drive Real Visitors.

3 - Social Media Interaction Should Be Integrated.

4 - Don't Solely Focus On Page Rank Or Domain Authority.

5 - Monitor Your Competition For Backlink Opportunities.

6 - Relevance Is Key.

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The Link Building Landscape in 2014

Backlinks used to be compared to the votes counted in a democratic election.

The candidate who chalked up the most won and prior to the Google penguin algorithm update of April 2012, bulk backlinking was a typical search engine optimisation strategy employed by many agencies and freelancers to achieve high rankings for businesses.

What is Required to Rank in 2014?

Today it's better to have a hand-full of quality, relevant links built ethically than hundreds of off topic ones.

Indeed, if obtained naturally pertinent inbound linking can help catapult your Website to the front page of search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo, driving highly targeted traffic to your product or service.

However, if you don't build ethical links, and instead attract too many with the same anchor text and you could find yourself languishing on page 25 of the search results for a low competition, long tail keyword phrase in your niche or sector.

Are You Looking for Relevant Links to Build Your Website's Online Authority?

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